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i have to do a survey for my business class at my design school for my midterm. in order to get a GREAT grade, i need a lot of results which is where you guys come in. please take the surveys which is about fashion and shopping. both surveys aren't very long so it won't take a huge chunk of your life. plus it is anonymous. :]

much love and thanks,

Survey - PaperHearts [10 questions]
Survey - PaperHearts part 2 [2 questions]
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 Hello! I wanna sew a dress and now I'm looking for a pattern, maybe someone could share? I'm not sure how to call it. It's something similar to a sheath dress but maybe wider and shorter(as I understand, sheath dresses are usually very tight and knee length). I now that in Russian it's called a trapezium dress.
I need something really really simple like this(look, I've even painted the knees!:D):

Thanks in advance!
Frusciante hey ooh

Raincoat patterns, pretty please?

Wothcer everyone!
I really want to sew an yellow raincoat. Something like these: link. So I hoped maybe someone can give me a link to the pattern? And some hints&tips about sewing coats in particular 'cos I haven't done that before. Thank you very much!
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Heeeello there!

Hey there crafty souls of all kinds! I'm the new assistant maintainer here at Self Fashion and I am just ever so excited to be of service. I just spent the evening cleaning out alllll of the old sales posts and whatnot. From now on, let's keep posts project-based! You are welcome to put a link to your sales UNDER A CUT after your teaser image.

Tomorrow you can expect to see some cosmetic changes around here and another post from me with some actual projects that I've made! See ya soon.

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