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I'm looking for simple basic blouse/shirt pattern, like this one:

(sorry for crappy picture, I just don't know how else I can explain lol)
I thnk I need size 10-12...But it will be even better if it's a tutorial how to build pattern for this blouse.
I tried to google but all the blouse I could find had too "posh" design.
Thank you in advance!
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Corset love

Haha! I had a friend visit last night and we talked about all sorts of things but only made passing mention of Sylvia and her corset. (Sylvia is my dummy and she's currently wearing the first corset I made and some mini top-hats pinned to her shoulders.)

Said friend, however, made the fatal error of asking me this morning about corsetry and I got all carried away by all the new history and theories I'm learning! Bless, I don't think I was too boring!

A lot of my non-crafty friends do seem fascinated by this new skill I'm learning though. I think because corsets are so loaded with possible meaning. Has anyone else had this experience with their friends? I'm hoping that I can use some of my mates for practice in drafting and fitting, any advice or thoughts? Are friends too kind or too critical?!

Many thanks!

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Ok so its not something I would really wear, but I thought it was appropriate. I made it for my final piece on my college art and design course. Its made entirely from second hand clothes. I wanted to put across the issue of throw away fashion and recylcing within fashion. So yeah :D

Some things I made for me :-)

Hi everyone!

I´m sort of a novice in sewing and only started one year ago, but here are some of the things I made meanwhile. I hope you´ll like them a bit :-)

It´s a two-piece (matching blouse and skirt in dark-blue with polka dots)


Is it socally aceptable to make a outfit to match your broken 50s vacaum cleaner?
My ultimative fall outfit:


After posting a fall-pic I got to post a summer-pic, too (I made the capris in red, just wish they were more high-waisted):

That´s all folks (I have made more, but don´t have photos yet) :-) I allways keep my eyes open for a good fabric bargain... It´s just way cheaper than to look for clothes that won´t fit or have something about them that I dislike :-)

Group changes

When I made this community it was so people that made their own fashions for their own personal use would have a place to talk about them. I see it's turned into a commercial forum, which isn't really what I had in mind. So I'll soon be deleting any listings that don't fit the group parameters. I'm giving you all a heads up in case you need to move your listings to another place.
Sorry I haven't enforced this sooner. I hope we can get the group back on track.
Yours, Fayme